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Our Next Meeting Topic for 26 June 2014

The topic for the 26th of June meeting will be the photo competition review for the 2nd quarter of 2014.  The competition topics will be:

  • April – Juxtaposition
  • May – Panoramas
  • June – Its A Small World

Be sure to bring your photos of at least 8×10 size and mounted to allow handling.

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Viewfinder Carl Zitzmann has a show at Narmada Winery

Fauquier Viewfinders member Carl Zitzmann will be displaying ten framed photographs at Narmada Winery in Amissville, Virginia beginning June 13th and running through the 8th of August.

Narmada is located about twelve miles West of Warrenton on route 211.

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Web Site Status and New Feature

So we are making progress with our new Fauquier Viewfinders Website and have manage to almost ready the web site for its fully operational status.

Here are some updates on our progress, news of an exciting new feature and what is coming next as we continue to make progress…

  1. In the past weeks, our active member photo albums have been migrated from the PBase web site and placed in the new Viewfinder Gallery that is linked on the web site menu.  Please note that the Gallery location is separate from our new web site (separate application) and also necessitates a separate account/password to  manage the album and image upload capability.  We will develop the processes and policies on how our users may obtain and upload their images to the Gallery as we progress.  For now, the intent was just to migrate the existing image albums from PBase to the new Gallery location.  I have an archive of all of the PBase albums, so no albums/images are lost and if your albums have not yet been migrated, they can still be uploaded to the new Gallery.
  2. An exiting new feature for the web site is a Club Member submission form for Member Invitations or Events that can be added to our Event Calendar to make our members aware of upcoming photo opportunities, training, or simply invitations to join someone in attending an event or photo opportunity.  Under the Event Calendar menu, you will find another menu option that takes you to a Member Invitation/Event submission form.  I have added some basic information on what is needed to fill out and submit the form.  Please note that though the form is displayed, you will be unable to submit the form unless you are logged in as a member.  This exiting capability will allow everyone of our members to share information on photo opportunities and even create invitations to join members in attending local trips to photograph and enjoy our craft.
  3. This brings me to the next thing that will happen to make our new web site a effective and collaborative tool for our club – I will be creating Fauquier Viewfinders Club Member user accounts for everyone.  I will enter the member information and the web site will email you your user account and password.  This will allow you to log in to the web site and access capabilities that are limited to our club members.  Once logged in, you may enter your own user profile and update your information and also change your initial password.  Eventually, as we progress with our web site, we will also have Member Only content that will necessitate that you are logged in as an active member of the club.
  4. The next effort following the user account creation will be for me to create some WordPress basic user familiarization and training content so that we can make club members who wish to volunteer for sharing their skills and knowledge into content providers and authors of posts and pages for the web site.  I will minimize the actual writing of this familiarization and training content and instead leverage the already in existence outstanding training content available for WordPress and other relevant training materials.  Keep an eye open as I post training content and feel free to browse http://wordpress.org/
  5. Last but not least, we will need to identify Club Members who wish to help with some basic web site management and publication requirements.  This will need to be discussed and developed with our Club leadership, so more information on this will be coming in the near future.

So I hope that everyone is happy and pleased with the direction our new Fauquier Viewfinders Web site is taking.  My intent is to have the basic image migration (item #1) and the user account creation (item #3) completed by the next club meeting on 12 June 2014.

I would also like to request our club members to provide me with at least one photo to use in the header image slider that is on our home page.  The header image slider right now consists of five of my images, however I would like to showcase images from you – our Club Members.  As you can see, the image you provide should look suitable in a long horizontal format.  Specifically, you need to provide me the image sized at 960 pixels by 200 pixels.  If you are not certain how to size your image that size, don’t worry – I can accomplish the re-sizing, but you still need to ensure that the image looks good in a narrow horizontal format.  Feel free to provide me more than one image if you have more.

I would encourage that you bring comments, suggestions and recommendations to the meeting so that I can obtain feedback in addition to your ability to also leave comments and feedback on these posts.  We want to make this web site a robust and collaborative and informative tool for our Club membership and management.


Andy Gamponia