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We Can Now RSVP To Events …

We have some new and exiting capabilities with our new Fauquier Viewfinders web site!

RSVP Event


As we now post new events for our club, we will have the ability to add an RSVP functionality to the event so that we can automatically create a list of the members that anticipate attending.

Take a look at the upcoming Car Show event in Warrenton in June on our calendar and you will find the ability to add yourself as an RSVP’ed attendee.  this will make things much easier to organize events and meetings so we can concentrate on getting the photo…

This capability will likely only be used for special events and not as a routine for normal club meetings.



  • Gladys says:

    thanks Andy, this looks great.

    6 June 2014 at 8:36 am

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