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2nd Quarter Photo Competitive Review

So last Thursday, we held our 2nd quarter 2014 photo competitive review of member images shot for the monthly themes listed below.

  • April – Juxtaposition
  • May – Panoramas
  • June – Its A Small World

These images were ideally shot in the last three months, though leeway is given here and the most important element is creative criticism so that all can learn and improve their craft and skills.  The monthly theme is also loosely interpreted, so that members can simply explain how the image meets the theme in their own artistic viewpoint.

The images are submitted anonymously at the member meeting in their respective monthly theme categories under either a beginner or advanced heading and then judged by all members with the intent to chose a “best image” for the beginner and advanced category of all three months thematic images.  Additionally, a “overall best image” is also chosen regardless of the monthly theme.

The winners of the beginner and advanced category of each theme are then invited to give a little of the back-story of their image, some of the technical details behind each image if the artist wishes, and how their image was selected as the artists submission.  Memebrs of the club can ask questions or provide constructive viewpoints to provide valuable feedback to the artist to help everyone further develop their skills for future photo opportunities.

As not all of the images that were physically submitted and judged are available, here you will find some of the image submissions for everyone’s enjoyment.  I have placed these in no particular order so that you can judge for yourself under which month’s theme each image was submitted.

All of the members who submitted images or participated with creative feedback were ultimately richer for their participation in the sharing of their art, skill and knowledge.

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